Best Space Heaters For Your Child Bedroom

Best Space Heaters For Your Child Bedroom

The back-to-school season is here, and savvy mothers are getting ready to smooth their children's transition into a season of new teachers, new friends, and new classes. They're organizing their children's schedules, enrolling them in activities, planning nutritious lunches, buying school supplies, and assembling new wardrobes.

But there's another factor which is crucial to each child's success: his or her bedroom environment.

"Transforming your child's bedroom into a successful space gives them the support, confidence and motivation to embrace new opportunities in their lives," explains Successful Spaces Coach, Mary Roberts, whose powerful three-step process for updating children's bedrooms has supported hundreds of parents and kids in creating supportive environments.

Jumpstart the transition into the new school year

The outer environment mirrors the inner environment. Therefore, the bedroom is a reflection of the child. When updated to reflect who your child is right now, the bedroom becomes a launch pad that supports and empowers his or her transition into the new school year.

Make Your Childs Bedroom A Successful Space!

Use these three simple steps to update your child's bedroom:

1. Assess
Take a close look at the layout, decor, and organization of the bedroom. What does it say about your child? Does is reflect the growth and change your child made over the summer, or do some things in the bedroom seem out-of-date?

2. Let Go!
Ask your child, "What are your favorite things in your bedroom?" Talk about the ways your child has matured over the summer, then ask, "Is there anything in your room you feel you have outgrown?" Give your child a chance to decide which clothing, memorabilia, stuffed animals, photos, artwork, old homework assignments, etc. to keep, and which to let go.

To help decide what stays and who goes, use the Three Pile Method.

Sort your belongings into three piles.

Pile 1: Keep-items that will stay in the room

Pile 2: Store-items that no longer fit in the room, but will be stored

Pile 3: Let Go-items that will be donated, recycled, or discarded

If you and your child aren't immediately sure which pile an item belongs in, ask these four questions:

??? Do I love it?

??? Do I use or wear it?

??? Do I need it?

??? Does it express who I am now?

If you can't answer yes to at least one of these four questions, it's time to let the item go.

Pack up all of the items you and your child have decided to store. Then, pack up all of the items in the "Let Go" pile. However you decide to get rid of these items, be sure to move them out of the bedroom immediately and into a place near the door of your home, so that it's easier to take the pile to its destination.

Now that you've eliminated a bunch of stuff that was taking up precious space in your child's room, it's time to focus on the things you want to keep-the things which express who your child is right now.

3. Celebrate the New!

Now, it's time to focus on what your child is looking forward to in the new school year!

Does your child have a new interest, or is he or she developing a current interest? Is your child excited to explore new subject matter? What image or item can you place in the bedroom to celebrate these new pursuits? A poster of the Eiffel Tower can fire an enthusiasm for learning French. A photo of a favorite athlete might encourage motivation and perseverance. A model of a castle supports a fascination with life in the Middle Ages. Whatever the images you choose, be sure that they are positive, and that they support who your child is and where they want to go.

Congratulate your child for updating his or her room to express who they are! By letting go of the old, they have made room for the new!

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