Education Scholarships - It Takes More Than Just Good Grades

Education Scholarships - It Takes More Than Just Good Grades

Students with good grades often earn more opportunities for scholarships and admissions to universities of their choice. For kids that want to go to college, this makes the dream more realistic. Straight A's are not enough to garner the interest of top schools, however. They need more. Some of the ways to increase the chances of receiving money for college include taking advanced classes, having excellent scores on college board exams, volunteer work, attending schools with proven track records, having special skills and interests to over the university and coming highly recommended by teachers, coaches and community leaders.
Education Scholarships
Education Scholarships

Advanced Classes
Higher learning can start sooner when high school students take advanced classes in high school. Summer enrichment courses, academic summer camps, studying abroad and taking advanced placement tests are all ways to show that the student is serious about learning and will likely exceed in college. Some of these options offer college credit, while others are simply enhancements on an application.

College Board Scores
While the SAT and ACT scores were once the baseline for most college admissions requirements, they are not always required. Although some schools do not require them, the top schools in the country still do. Those vying for academic scholarships and early entrance not only need to take them, but must score well. Preparation classes and learning how to answer questions on these tests are proven to increase scores.

Special Skills and Interests
For students who already have a college major in mind, this can work to their advantage. This tells the board that they have some direction in their academic plans, and that the schools they are applying to are probably well thought out. These are the students who are likely considered for financial awards such as culinary arts, design and civil engineering scholarships. Students involved in sports also garner an extra look from admissions boards. Those who excel in sport and academics may be eligible for full or partial athletic scholarships in competitive sports such as baseball, football, soccer and lacrosse.

Strong recommendations from coaches, teachers, advisors and community leaders are always helpful for the student who wants to stand out from the crowd. This can assist in securing admission to a university that is very competitive.

One of the most important ways that students can secure education scholarships and admission to the university of their choice is to apply locally. State schools are always looking for home-grown scholars. Private universities are also on the lookout for students that have a local connection or family ties to the school. Oftentimes some of the most brilliant minds prefer to stay close to home. Most universities are more than willing to give these students scholarship opportunities.

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